Community Revitalization
Temple Facility

CADC tries to play an integral part in community revitalization projects.  In the last year, we have renovated the Cotton County Office and Head Start Center into a quality location that not only provides a safe environment for our children to learn and play, but a much-needed improvement to our administrative and outreach office in the community.  Thanks to the City of Temple for working with us on this project.

Hobart Head Start Center and Administrative Office

Our staff has recently completed the renovation of the Francis Willard Elementary School in Hobart.  The Agency entered into a long-term lease agreement with the Hobart Public Schools and our Housing Staff completed the Head Start classroom side of the facility two years ago and completed the Administrative offices in August of 2015.  The facility needed a lot of work and our staff (utilizing inmates from the local Hobart Center) was able to get the job done in time for our staff to move into the administrative facility before the school year started.  This preserves an important landmark in Hobart and gives us the opportunity for expansion in the future.